Originally established in 1996, Cottontails has worked in partnership with hundreds of local families to give their children the very best start in Life.

We provide a safe, secure, warm and exciting learning environment full of fascinating visual and physical stimuli both inside and outside the classroom which engage and enthuse the young inquiring mind.

Perhaps, most importantly, we employ a first class, fully qualified and extremely loyal staff who are totally dedicated to their chosen profession and relish the wonderful opportunity to work with the youngest and most precious members of the community on a daily basis.

Why Choose Us?

• Home cooked, highly nutritious and healthy meals from our dedicated chef, meeting all dietary needs and leaving empty plates and full tummies.
• High ratio of staff to children at all age levels ensuring expert care and early years’ education.
• Fabulous contemporary educational resources ensure the children are never bored.
• Exciting outdoor classroom and play area allowing for physical exertion and a fascination for the natural world.
• Highly experienced qualified teacher who promotes the Early Years Foundation Stage.
• Productive partnerships and communication between home and the nursery to ensure all individual needs are met.

Our Staff Team

To further develop the children’s confidence we actively promote independent thought, encourage and reward initiative, positive behaviour and perseverance in all play and learning experiences whether the children choose to be creative through arts and craft, by exploring their imaginary world, or simply listening and interacting with each other at group time.